About Adam Tamizi Haque

Barrister Tamizi Haque, the founder of the”Haque group of Industries “has established this renowned organization of biscuits & batteries of Bangladesh in 1947.Presently, Md Adam Tamizi Haque is the Managing Director of this organization.

Mr Adam Tamizi Haque, worthy son of barrister Tamizi Haque was born on 29 December 1976. He has attained his graduation from the University of Middlesex, UK.Through the expansion of foreign trade and domestic business, the Haque Group of Industries has employed  more than 5,000 officers, employees and, workers. As a businessman, he has made significant contributions to the country’s revenue sector.

While studying in far-flung England, his heart was still in Bangladesh. His heart always weeps for the underprivileged people of the country. The dream was to come to Bangladesh and work honestly and courageously for the people of the country and the country. He is always ready to work unitedly with all kinds of people, in any environment, under any circumstances, including dealing with any crisis with confidence.

When the opportunity comes from family tradition, he extends his helping hand. He  stands beside the development of orphanages, madrasas, hospitals, schools, colleges,  and roads.